A network of autonomous AutoX vehicles has hit the market, which, according to preliminary estimates, will be driving customers around the streets of Chinese cities in as little as two years

A car controlled remotely without human presence is not a new concept, but now cars operated by a computer algorithm have hit the streets. Until now, robotaxis had to be accompanied by a driver who took over driving duties if necessary. The company has released 100 autonomous cabs for testing, 25 of which are being tested on the roads of Schenzen. Only AutoX employees or specially invited guests, e.g. VIPs or journalists, can enter the currently operating robotaxis. The Chinese company assumes that in 2-3 years, ordinary customers will be able to get into the autonomous cabs

Autonomous cabs in the United States

In the United States, the company that deals with such cars is Waymo corporation. The company announced the first public tests of the car in October, and until the start of the pandemic autonomous cars with the presence of a backup driver took 5-10% of the trips. now the company announced that in the near future fully functioning robotaxis will go out on the streets of the city of Phoenix, Arizona, and will be able to be used by any willing customer

Photo by AutoX

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