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Eco-friendly air cabs move to Europe

Eco-friendly air cabs move to Europe
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The Chinese company announced cooperation with Italian designers and announced the beginning of work on the Old Continent

An architectural office from Rome created a project of unusual landing pads which will allow landing not only helicopters but also rotorcrafts and tiltrotors. Veriport will allow for commercial transport of clients, who will reach the platform located high in the treetops by an elevator and will be picked up by a flying cab. The concept has been well received by the environment, and the Italian company has started cooperation with a Chinese company Ehang, which produces AAVs (Autonomous Air Vehicles). The collaboration between the companies is expected to culminate in the implementation of the concept within Europe

Modern design

The landing pads are to be made on tall baobab-like structures made of wood and metal. According to the developers, they are to be ecological, environmentally friendly and luxurious, and the energy to power the platform’s operations and machinery is to be drawn from column-mounted installations and special solar panels. On the viewing platforms, apart from the airports for cabs, there will also be cafes, a waiting room and an observation deck. The flying vehicles have already successfully passed their first tests over the South China Sea and will eventually connect the islands there with the mainland. When the first landing pads will appear in Europe is still unknown.

Photo: EHang materials

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