Explore the coldest places on Earth

Explore the coldest places on Earth
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Earth is a planet of contrasts. In one place it can be hellishly hot, in another again it can be frighteningly cold. Despite the extremely cold temperatures, some places are inhabited by people. Want to know which ones? Read on!

Polar base “Vostok” in Antarctica

As expected, the coldest place on Earth is located in Antarctica. In 1983, a temperature of -89.2°C was recorded here. Such low thermometer readings limit the research capabilities of visiting scientists. It is possible to talk about the effective work of polar scientists only for a few months of the year. Nevertheless, the “Vostok” station is permanently inhabited by 15-30 people. The maximum warm month is December, when the air temperature warms up to -30°C. The harshest frosts are in August: the temperature then falls below -70°C.

“Eismitte” in Greenland

In addition to Antarctica, there is another “treasure trove” of ice and cold. This is, of course, Greenland. In 1930, Alfred Wegener established the polar station “Eismitte” deep inside the island. The conditions there were so harsh that blocks of snow were used to build the rooms. In the same year, scientists recorded temperatures of -65°C. After many members of the expedition suffered frostbite, and Wegener himself died of hypothermia, there were no more daredevils who would try to live there permanently.

Ojmiakon in Russia

The village of Ojmiakon in Yakutia is the most famous cold spot on Earth, still inhabited by people (about 500 people). In 1924, an extreme low temperature of -71.2°C was recorded here. Current thermometer readings are somewhat more modest, though still frighteningly low. How about -64.3 °C? For the title of the main “cold pole” Oymyakon is competing with Verkhoyansk. The latter, however, loses by a difference of 0.3 °C. Interestingly, summers in Ojmiakon are quite hot. In 2010, +34.6°C was recorded.

Verkhoyansk in Russia

There is another locality in Yakutia suffering from severe cold. It is Verkhoyansk. In 1892, people here had to endure frosts as low as -68°C. At the same time, there is very little rainfall in the region. Despite this, the locals are doing well and do not emigrate. The population is 1,000 people.

Snag in Canada

The next coldest place on the planet is the small town of Snag, Canada, known for having recorded the lowest temperature on the North American continent -63°C in 1947. Until the middle of the 20th century, Snag was home to only a small number of locals, who owed their existence to the presence of a military airport. Its closure in 1968 led to the village becoming deserted.

North Ice in Greenland

In addition to “Eismitte,” another polar station also operated in Greenland. North Ice was established in 1952 by Englishmen and Danes and operated for a total of two years. In 1954, temperatures as low as -66.1°C were recorded here. Currently, the area remains uninhabited. 

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