Rules that still prevail today at the British court

Rules that still prevail today at the British court
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The British royal family has been the subject of journalistic interest again for some time – mainly because of the interview Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle gave to Oprah Winfrey. It turns out that life at the royal court is more complicated than it seems – even after reading the scandalous interview. There are rules that most people have no idea about.

Order is very important!

Life at the royal court is not only about ceremonies, but also about order as a result of accepted protocol. The basic rule is that the Queen of England has priority. The assembled people can sit down only after the monarch does so. Otherwise they are obliged to stand. Also to her belongs the priority in leaving the room. It is also never permissible to initiate a conversation until Elizabeth II has done so, and it is also a big mistake to turn your back on her after she has finished talking. If the Queen approaches someone, gentlemen should bow their heads, ladies should genuflect

Rules also apply at the table

Also, when dining at the same table with the queen, it is the queen who has priority. The meal is eaten until the monarch does not get up from the table. Then other people must also stop eating. The rules also dictate that the queen first speaks to the person on her right during the meal, only then to the one sitting on her left

What about other members of the royal family?

The rule is that during meetings it is they who have the right to initiate conversation and priority in shaking hands. The Queen is addressed as “Your Majesty”, followed by “Ma’am”. For members of the royal family, the titles apply: “Your Royal Highness” and “Sir”. It is also important that members of the Windsor family are not to be touched. Unfortunately, some famous people have broken this rule, such as Michelle Obama, who put her hand on Elizabeth II’s back.

What does Elizabeth II not eat?

The menu is set not so much according to the rules of the court as in the name of the Queen’s preferences. So you will not find garlic in it, among other things. The queen also does not eat pasta, potatoes or rice

Photo: Neil Martin/Unsplash

Dress code at the Windsor court

How does the Queen of England dress? It is estimated that her style is mainly associated with uniform outfits in fairly bright colors, which the monarch combines with a magnificent hat in the same shade, a handbag slung over her hand and low-heeled shoes. She avoids clothes in subdued colors that might make her stand out from the crowd

A bag that signals danger

It turns out that there are important gestures connected with a handbag, with which the queen gives a sign to her surroundings, e.g. that it’s time to end a conversation with someone – she puts her handbag in her right hand. Placing it on the table means that in five minutes the meeting should be finished. If Elizabeth II drops her purse on the floor during a speech it is a sign that she feels threatened

What must not be worn at the Windsor Court?

These rules apply primarily to women and are an expression of unwritten rules rather than protocol in the strict sense. For example, they should not appear in public without tights. It is also recommended that they wear hats during important ceremonies. Until the 1950s, however, this was a strictly enforced rule. In the case of unofficial dress, it is necessary that members of the royal family wear a shirt or jacket with their pants

What about marriages?

It is the Queen who decides whether members of the royal family can get married. While this used to be common practice, it now applies to the next five people to inherit the succession to the throne. It is also the monarch who decides which tiara the bride will wear on her wedding cake

Photo by Jean Carlo Emer/Unsplash

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