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What is OOH Advertising and How Can It Help Business?

What is OOH Advertising and How Can It Help Business?
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The term out-of-home refers to any type of advertising that isn’t run on television, print or the internet. With literally hundreds of different types of out-of-home advertising, it can be difficult to keep track of all the options you have available to you and what each one might be best suited for. That’s where this guide comes in. We’ll teach you about some of the most popular types of out-of-home advertising and how each one can help you reach your target market, both locally and nationally, in cost-effective ways you may not have considered before.

The power of Out of Home

In a cluttered, online world, traditional advertising tactics like billboards, bus ads and product placements are still one of the best ways to grab people’s attention. Fortunately for small business owners with a limited advertising budget, there are now great companies that will let you place your logo on TV screens all over town or inside taxis! And the best part? You pay per impressions instead of per thousands of impressions. Read this blog post for tips on how to make the most out of your OOH campaign.

The first step in implementing an OOH campaign

Start by drawing up a marketing plan to find out your marketing goals for the year. Are you looking to increase brand awareness or sell more products? Create a marketing calendar to map out when you want to reach your target market, what media you will use, and who will be responsible for each piece of content. Gather ideas from employees who are familiar with your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and culture. Ask everyone on the team! This can be done through an internal brainstorming session or by polling on social media. Remember: ‘what do we know that the public doesn’t?

Advantages of OOH Advertising

Out-of-home advertising is an opportunity to get in front of your audience with a message that might otherwise go unnoticed. Research shows that more than 90% of passersby don’t know about the brand advertised. 

With out-of-home ads, you can capitalize on this fact by capturing attention where it counts. Outdoor advertisers benefit from larger audiences (about 3x) than Internet display ads and research indicates that nearly 50% of consumers are more likely to purchase products seen in an outdoor campaign versus those advertised online only. So if your goal is increased visibility, more sales or just exposure for your company name then using out-of-home media may be just what you need. An exceptional advertising agency in Poland is what you are looking for to ensure the business goals and vision are heading in the right direction. 

Tips to Improve Outdoor Billboard Design

The key to designing an effective outdoor billboard (or any advertisement for that matter) starts with understanding your audience. Consider the following when designing:

–  Look at the colours used in other ads in the area to make sure you are not repeating a color that doesn’t work with yours

 -A trendy colour can be very effective for grabbing attention, but it’s not always the best idea as its popularity will fade away over time.

-Make sure your text is large enough to read from a distance so people know what you offer when they look across the street or into a car window. If people are unable to read what you’re selling, they’ll just keep driving past you or continue walking until they find something they want.

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