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Accessories useful in caring for pets

Accessories useful in caring for pets
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Caring for pets involves providing your pet with all the necessary items for a comfortable life. Completing a layette should be the first step a caregiver takes when expecting a new pet

Besides the obvious and necessary items such as bowls, litter box, bed or leash, in some cases it is worth investing in additional accessories that will make pet care easier. Here are a few of them

Cat tree

Scratching is a natural need for every cat, and one that they’ll be able to fulfill whether or not they have a designated place to do so. A scratching post is an essential piece of equipment for a home with a cat, but there are many different variations of this equipment

The cheapest and the simplest model of the scratching post is a board wrapped with a special string. There are also special posts available for scratching. A much better solution, which is an additional attraction for the cat are trees, which, apart from scratching, are also used for climbing and observing the surroundings. Sturdy cat scratching posts allow the cat to jump on different floors and play by climbing. They also add variety to playing with a fishing rod or laser tag, as the cat has a larger field of observation, which will make the hunt more appealing.

A way to deal with separation anxiety in a dog

Dogs often have a problem with being left alone at home. In the absence of the caregiver by separation anxiety, the dog may settle in the house, destroy equipment, bark and wail and scratch at the door.

Such disorders require a lot of systematic work and help from a zoopsychologist or behaviorist, but there are solutions that will temporarily cope with this problem. Unfortunately, such dogs need to be taken with you even for short trips, until the pet learns to stay alone. If your dog is small enough to be carried in your arms and has no problem with close contact and restricted movement, a dog carrier can help you leave the house when you want

Dog carrier bags, which you can buy at, allow you to take your dog with you even to places where, in theory, pets should not be. In such a carrier, you can take your dog to the mall, restaurants and cafes

Accessories for rodents and rabbits

Rodents are one of the most victimized and neglected groups of pets. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness among the public, they are kept in too small cages, fed inadequate food, and herd animals live in solitude

When it comes to accessories for rodents and rabbits, there is no shortage of them, but most of them are unfortunately a very bad idea, implemented for the entertainment of the caretaker, not the good of the animal. Running balls for hamsters is a huge stress and such “fun” often ends in heart attack or death from exhaustion

On the other hand, reels for guinea pigs are very dangerous for their spines. The fragile and delicate spine of the domestic guinea pig is not designed to bend in an arc, so running in a reel can end up crippling. Before buying any kind of accessory, you should find out if you are sure such a gadget will not harm your pet

Rabbits and guinea pigs are just some of the small animals that need access to hay 24 hours a day. Hay provides essential minerals and trace elements, helps wear down the ever-growing incisors and molars, and aids digestion. It is a low-calorie snack that pets can fill their stomachs with throughout the day. Rabbit feeders allow for large amounts of hay to be placed in them, so the feeder does not need to be refilled as often for the animal to have constant access to food

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