Effective Ways to Improve Your Memory

Effective Ways to Improve Your Memory
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Memory is otherwise known as the brain’s ability to store information for recall at the appropriate time. However, sometimes the recall of a piece of information does not occur when the need arises. These occasional gaps in memory can be caused by various factors such as fatigue, stress, emotional disturbances, etc. However, it is possible to work on memory, especially if you use effective ways and techniques for better recall.

The mechanisms that trigger memory or cause us to remember or learn things are unpredictable and sometimes unexplained. Frequent forgetting can cause problems, causing some people to resort to strange solutions to overcome their tendency to forget. Have you ever set an alarm so you don’t forget something? There are many mechanisms by which people remember things that are important to them. Oddly enough, inconspicuous activities can be beneficial in improving memory


Meditation effectively improves memory and helps to organize all thoughts. A study conducted at the University of California found that meditation enhances the ability to remember and reduces concentration problems. For meditation to be truly effective, it must be done regularly. In addition, it is advisable to follow guidelines for proper meditation


About 65% of the population has a visual memory. Associating words with images helps you remember them better. Cicero used this method of memorization back in ancient times. The so-called Cicero method, also known as the place method, relies on the power of images as vehicles for remembering information. It is most effective to associate information with your own memories and experiences. Match words with actions and images that surprised or delighted you, and you’ll see how easily you remember them!

Games that develop memory

Many exercises help improve memory, but some games can also have a positive effect on it. There are those that promote concentration or memorization:

  • puzzles,
  • crosswords,
  • sudoku.
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Sleep and naps

Research suggests that taking naps is effective in boosting memory. In one study, participants slept for 45-60 minutes before practicing memory, which showed a significant improvement in performance. Many studies prove that sleep plays an important role in memory use. During sleep, memories are properly “catalogued” and the brain is “cleared”. Studies have also shown that sleep immediately after studying improves memory.

Moving your eyes from side to side

If you want to remember something, move your eyes from side to side. This activity helps to stimulate memory. The reason for the effectiveness of this exercise is not fully known. Scientists have suggested that horizontal eye movements activate and connect the two hemispheres in the brain. In one experiment, researchers found that participants who moved their eyes sideways for 30 seconds each morning performed 10% better on average on their tasks. They also discovered that these bilateral eye movements improved memory capabilities.

Clenching your fists

Clenching your fists can help you remember better. One study found that people who clenched their fist before learning something remembered the information with greater efficiency. Although the explanation for this phenomenon is not entirely clear, researchers suggest that clenching your fist activates areas of the brain involved in memory.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is a trick to help you remember interesting information better. In one study, researchers found that participants who chewed gum during a memory task scored 25% better than those who did not chew gum

Some researchers speculate that chewing gum increases oxygen levels in the area of the brain associated with memory and attention

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Listening to music

Studies show that a certain type of music helps you remember memories better. The information you learn while listening to a song can often be recalled by thinking about the song or “replaying” it in your head.

Professor and researcher Antonio Matas Terron of the University of Malaga suggests that listening to music helps students with homework, regardless of the style or volume of music. According to Matas Terron, the rhythm of music changes the perception of time.

However, in the context of memorization, it is important not to listen to music with lyrics because words capture your attention, thus music will not allow you to remember better. Music should only be listened to for 20 minutes because after this period, attention slowly fades.

Playing sports

Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain and improves its functioning. According to a study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States, at least twenty minutes of physical activity improves memory by 10%. Thus, sports stimulates brain performance and increases mental agility. Running is as good for the brain as trying to memorize numbers. Exercise also delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

A healthy and balanced diet

Maintaining a good memory can be achieved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A varied and balanced diet plays an important role in providing energy to the brain. It provides it with the nutrients it needs to function properly.

This means that what’s on your plate has a direct impact on brain health and fitness. By optimizing certain nutrients, you can impact intellectual function and learning abilities. So vegetable oils, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and whole grains improve intelligence, while dried fruits, offal and fatty fish stimulate memory.


Drinking coffee has a beneficial effect on human memory. It does not directly enhance memory ability, but it improves brain performance by increasing the ability to concentrate. The mixture of caffeine and carbohydrates improves concentration and attention. However, be careful not to drink too much of it

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