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Industrial automation for the 21st century

Industrial automation for the 21st century
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Machines are an integral part of the functioning of industry. Without them, companies involved in production would not be able to work as quickly and efficiently as they need to. Industrial automation is a constantly evolving branch of engineering, so the solutions it offers are constantly evolving. Explore the possibilities that industrial automation offers in the 21st century.

What is industrial automation and how does it make our lives easier?

Every industrial machine is filled with complex technologies and intricate electronics, which allows it to achieve the best possible production results. Thanks to the automated systems included in such equipment, the machine not only runs fast but also produces top quality products. While automations and robots can never replace human labor, they complement and enhance it in a wonderful way. Industrial automation is the branch of automation that deals with manufacturing and technological processes, or rather their automation. In short, the idea is to make machine processes work without or with minimal human intervention. It is thanks to it that we can enjoy such inventions as, for example, packaging lines, presses, pumps or feeders. To a large extent, industrial automation also supports the work and functioning of various robots. Profit in a factory depends largely on the quantity and quality of manufactured products, so automatic machines are simply indispensable in such enterprises.

What applications does industrial automation have in factories?

Automation surrounds us from all sides, from the very entrance to the factory. All equipment, machines and robots are driven by it. Production belts, feeders and hoists work without human assistance, but with a lot of help from industrial automation. This is what this field is all about – coordinating the work of machines without human intervention. Maybe not completely without, but usually such equipment must be switched on and set to the appropriate mode. Just like with a washing machine – you turn it on and set the program, and the washing “does itself”. This example probably best reflects what we owe to automation. And what distinguishes industrial automation? Well, the scale on which it operates. While a washing machine or a dishwasher can make our lives easier at home, a simple domestic dishwasher would not meet the needs of a large restaurant. Industrial automation also serves other sectors than our home automation machines; after all, we don’t need a big, heavy press at home

Photo by Crystal Kwok/Unsplash

Do industrial machines need to be replaced often?

Absolutely not! Factory machinery, if well maintained, can last for many years. Of course, nothing is 100 percent reliable. Automatic machines also need a little maintenance from time to time. The hazbi store offers machine parts. There you will find everything you need to keep your vending machines in the best possible condition. For example, you can buy key interface relays for industrial automation here: : Replacing one faulty component of a machine is usually enough to restore its proper functioning for years to come

Automation surrounds us from all sides. In industry, it is even necessary for the proper and efficient operation of the factory, so it is worth investing in your company in machines that use industrial automation. Good quality equipment will not break down so easily, and it will also make your staff’s job easier and improve production results.

Photo: Crystal Kwok/Unsplash

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