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The most interesting technological inventions of recent years

The most interesting technological inventions of recent years
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The last two decades have been a time of splendor for new technological developments. Some of them allowed us to rediscover the world, forever changing the well-known reality.

Hybrid cars

An undisputed invention in the automotive world are hybrid cars, which have revolutionized the vehicle market worldwide. One of the main advantages of hybrid cars is their positive impact on climate change and the environment. Reducing the emission of fumes helps to clean the atmosphere, the electric part of the car’s propulsion system reduces fuel consumption, thus not depleting oil deposits.

Interestingly, hybrid cars have more power and speed, at the same time with less fuel consumption. Nowadays, not only cars but also buses, tractors and trucks are available on the market.  


Just a few years ago, it was hard to imagine reading a book in any form other than paper. Currently, e-book readers are so popular and convenient that a large number of readers have permanently changed heavy volumes for their electronic equivalents. With this device, the user has direct access to a rich library of world literature without contributing to the logging needed to print paper. 

Artificial pancreas

Analyzing outstanding inventions that changed the world we know, one cannot forget about the medical field. It is thanks to developing technologies that doctors can effectively help patients and cure them of previously incurable diseases. A great example of the combination of science, technology and medicine is the invention of the artificial pancreas. Thanks to this device, the work of the gland can be monitored and the production and level of glucose in the patient’s blood can be regulated. Artificial pancreas is a great help in the treatment and daily functioning of people struggling with diabetes. 

3D printing

Although work on 3D printing began in the 1990s, it has only been the last 10 years that have brought real results from years of research and testing. 3D printers have become an essential part of the food industry, as well as medicine. It is with the help of 3D printers that one can create a prosthesis perfectly tailored to the needs of a given patient. With this technology, doctors can transplant specific pieces of bone or tissue. Printing entire organs is still in the research phase.


Mentioning inventions that have revolutionized the world, smartphones cannot be overlooked. The first fully functioning multifunctional smartphone was created in 2006. Although the release of the first smartphone was only 16 years ago, it seems that there are very few people who remember a world without them – almost everyone has a smartphone. Thanks to this invention in one device you can use the Internet, navigation, social messaging or a camera taking pictures in the highest quality. The multitude of functions offered by most smartphones has made it difficult to function freely without it on a daily basis these days.

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