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8 plants that can repel insects

8 plants that can repel insects
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In the fight against insects in the open air and at home, repellents can become good allies. In this material we tell you about plants that have the power to repel insects!

Repellents – what are they?

Most insects in search of food and a place to breed orient themselves on the basis of smell. Insect repellent plants have a strong aroma that is able to “lead into the field” these small pests. The phytoncides they release into the environment have an irritating effect on the insects, which flee from such a neighborhood in search of a new territory. Let’s see what plants are worth planting in the garden or pots to forget about troublesome flies, ants or mosquitoes.

Tagetes flower

An excellent decoration of the garden and a terror of midges. It is from this plant that insecticides are most often produced. A pot of velvets can be placed at home or kept in the garden.


This plant combines the scent of mint and citrus. Like mint, lemon balm can spread, so it is better to plant it in separate pots. Melissa repels insects in the garden, but it is also good to have it on hand in the kitchen as a raw material for making aromatic infusions. 


It is impossible to imagine Italian cuisine without this spice, not only pizza or focaccia, but also refreshing cocktails. In addition, a pot of rosemary in the kitchen will be an excellent natural insect repellent.


Another plant that will work well both as part of dishes and as an insect repellent. Fresh basil leaves are a great addition to any salad, pizza or pasta. This is all due to the essential oils contained in the plant. These same oils will also ward off your kitchen from persistent beetles and flies.


From a distance, this plant resembles lavender, although its fragrance is even stronger. Tall shrubs with small purple flowers are a nightmare for most insects. Tussock planted in a flower bed around the house is a reliable protection against uninvited guests.


It is this plant that is used to make natural citrus candles that repel mosquitoes. Its leaves spread an intense aroma that can effectively repel a variety of insects. Plant a few shrubs of lemongrass near your terrace or gazebo, and you’ll forget about having to reach for insect repellents for years to come.


To people, the smell of peppermint seems refreshing and pleasant. Meanwhile, insects hate it. It’s best to plant peppermint in separate pots that you can set up around the house and in the orchard. If you sow the plant directly into the ground, it will spread throughout your garden!


Who said that you can only fight insects with aggressive weapons: nature has come up with a more pleasant way. The delightful aroma of lavender repels moths, fleas, mosquitoes and flies, and provides you with relaxation and perfect well-being. The largest amounts of phytoncides are secreted by lavender during the flowering period, after this time its protective properties diminish.

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