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Cat Board Games to Keep Your Kitten Entertained for Hours

Cat Board Games to Keep Your Kitten Entertained for Hours
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Board games are fun, great family entertainment, and provide quality family time, but many cat owners worry about how their feline companion will react to being left alone for long periods of time with the family out of the house. This is understandable; no one wants to find claw marks all over their furniture or ruined shoes upon returning home! However, there are plenty of cat-friendly board games that will have your little fuzzy friend playing happily while you’re out of the house. 

Settlers of Catan

If your cat gets bored easily, you’re going to want to keep him entertained. It’s not always easy to find things that will keep them happy, especially when you have so many other things that need your attention throughout the day. Fortunately, board games are the perfect solution!  To play Settlers of Catan, all you need is three or more players and the game itself. There are a variety of expansions that come with Settlers which add new challenges and scenarios; this one is really great if your cat has gotten bored playing over and over again with no variation. 

If your cat loves playing with balls, he might enjoy playing a game of balls. In Escape, players must roll their dice to move around and ultimately escape through one of three doors on each level. The first player to make it all the way down wins. As they move their pieces around and around to collect items and solve puzzles, they’ll be having so much fun that they won’t even realize how engaged they are! 

Towering Purrfection

There are many different types of board games that are perfect for the cat lover in your life, so whether you’re looking for a unique and entertaining game to play with your favorite feline companion or you’re shopping for a gift, we’ve got you covered. 

Towering Purrfection is an interactive card game where players attempt to build towers out of cards by placing them on top of one another. The towers must be at least three cards high and must be built in order from lowest card to highest card. Cats love to sit on top of the tower and knock it down! It has been tested extensively with real cats and found to be a great game for any cat-loving household. With 120 cards total, there are enough towers to keep your kitty entertained all day long. With a rule book that even comes translated into 15 languages, this fun game will have your cat purring up a storm. 

Each player starts with four Tower Cards laid out in front of their face up and four Tower Cards placed vertically next to them (not face up). Players draw two Tower Cards (one at a time) and place their drawn cards either face up or as the bottom card in their stack. If they draw more than two Towers Cards, they discard one drawn Tower Card before adding it to their stack.

Benefits of Having Kitten Board Games

It’s hard to find a good board game that your cat will enjoy. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best cat board games that will keep your kitten entertained for hours. Towering Purrfection is a purrfect example of an interactive game that will help you bond with your feline friend.

  1. Towering Purrfection is fun to play and can be played by two people, so if you’re playing solo it’ll still feel like you’re playing with someone else. 
  2. It’ll make your kitty use their brain as they try to figure out where the treats are hidden and how to get them while they climb up and down the tower.
  3. Even better than that, this game is made from eco-friendly materials and contains organic catnip that will make your kitty go crazy. If you have multiple cats in the house then this would be perfect since they’ll both want to play at once! The Perfect Match pairs well with Towering Purrfection since it’s designed specifically for kittens who want to scratch things up. 
  4. They don’t contain anything toxic or harmful which makes this perfect for your little one who likes to chew on things all day long. 
  5. The pieces are also colorful which gives them a more enjoyable experience when they’re trying to solve puzzles or find treats buried in the hay. Plus, these puzzles are light enough for even little kittens who might not have fully grown teeth yet!


Everyone loves a good board game, but when it comes to cat board games, things get a little more complicated. Cats are notoriously independent and can be easily distracted by anything from their food dish to the sound of a nearby can opener. Board games that require lots of movement or excitement may not work well with cats either since they have an innate curiosity about them and may end up jumping on the table or knocking over the pieces. But don’t worry! There are plenty of board games that will keep your kitty entertained for hours with minimal cat casualties.

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