Positioning with iCEA – modern and effective!

Positioning with iCEA – modern and effective!
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Positioning is a long-lasting and multi-stage process aimed at improving the visibility of a website in the Google search engine. It is one of the most important marketing activities in the modern world and is considered to be much more effective than traditional display advertising or sponsored articles. This process, despite its great complexity and great difficulty in implementation, is always associated with a significant increase in profits due to the increased visibility of the site in the market. Initially, each website lands on the last pages of a search engine. The aim of positioning is to get selected subpages as high as possible, preferably to one of the first places in TOP5, TOP3 or TOP1. Positioning that really affects our position is offered by agencies like: Kansas SEO Services, or SEO Arlington agency. In the offer of both of them we will find solutions beneficial for e-commerce business development, e.g. Wix SEO services, offered at Kansas SEO services agency. Give it a shot! You will surely not be disappointed. 

However, the company that undertakes this type of action is not without significance. Among many agencies based in the USA, Kansas SEO services and SEO Arlington agency should definitely be singled out. For many years, they have been setting trends on this market and try to meet all expectations of even the most demanding entrepreneurs. Both SEO Arlington agency and Kansas SEO services are brands in their own right, and their services are used by both start-ups and companies with years of experience in the market that have a past in Google search. Their main differentiator from other agencies is their excellent approach to clients and their willingness to deliver all forms of action e.g. Wix SEO services, in a relatively short period of time.

What is SEO and why does it make sense?

Positioning with Wix SEO services is based on fulfilling all the assumptions of Google’s algorithm that continuously calculates the position of a given website by analyzing data collected by Google’s robots. These robots are constantly scouring the internet for new sites or when an existing site is updated. The robots collect data and pass it to the algorithm, which calculates the position of a given website under a selected key phrase. These calculations are particularly complicated because the algorithm takes into account even a few hundred parameters of each website in order to precisely compare it with other websites located in its resources.

The company implementing the positioning process Wix SEO services should take care to meet all the guidelines of the algorithm, which is secret and no one has access to its real assumptions. Therefore, the success of the work depends primarily on the experience of the chosen agency and its willingness to improve its qualifications by participating in many industry training sessions. However, if you choose SEO Arlington agency or Kansas SEO services, you should not worry about anything!

The impact of positioning on companies operating on the Internet is invaluable

The e-commerce industry is growing every year, and the share of direct sales of services and goods seems to disappear in favor of online transactions. However, this is not happening without a reason. Online shopping is convenient – the customer can buy goods without leaving home and the courier will deliver the order to the door. The possibility of easy price comparison with many suppliers is also important. In a few minutes you can browse the offers of several large stores or look for a little-known supplier, which has the desired goods or services even cheaper.

Positioning will make your website more visible in the Google search engine, and it can be accessed by all potential customers when they type in the key phrase of their choice. However, Internet users value their time, so getting your website on the 5th page will not always bring you conversions, because a search engine user usually looks at maximum the first 3 pages of SERP (Search Engine Results Page). That is why it is worth it to be positioned as high as possible.

Basic steps in positioning

Positioning is a process that is particularly prone to making mistakes and usually only by following all the steps can it lead to good, predictable results. The basic steps of positioning are:

  • SEO audit. As part of the audit, a good SEO interactive agency, such as SEO Arlington agency, tries to conduct a thorough and very detailed analysis of the entire site, including its current state in terms of SEO, speed, and more. There can be as many as several hundred steps, but they are all equally important because they allow you to optimize your strategy and communicate your price.
  • After the SEO audit comes the time for on-site activities, i.e. those implemented directly on the page subject to SEO. This process is crucial and fundamental. It includes headline optimization, changing the theme of the page and adjusting it to user expectations, as well as accelerating its performance and hundreds of other processes of equally high complexity.
  • Off-site activities, on the other hand, consist of gaining as many backlinks to the site as possible. This stage is considered quite risky. Google periodically changes its algorithm and this happened quite recently when the Mountain View giant changed the way it calculates backlinks. Until now, it was the number of backlinks that mattered, but now it is much more important what page they are on.

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