Bank account – what is it?

Bank account – what is it?
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Even though Poles are a heavily banked society, not everyone has a personal account. However, it is worth changing your mind, because using it is a great convenience and provides security for your money. The best bank accounts are the ones that are the most popular and the ones that are the most popular.

Most people can’t imagine keeping their money in the proverbial mattress – not only for security reasons, but above all for convenience. Having a personal account has the advantage – especially with smartphone access to the bank – that you can make purchases at any time, even without physical access to your wallet.

Bank account – how does it work?

A bank account – from the point of view of its holder – works very simply, especially when accessing the transaction service. Various funds are deposited into it, for example as part of your salary for work. In addition, it allows you to make non-cash transactions – making online transfers or paying in online stores. In this way, you can pay all your bills without leaving home.

What are the best bank accounts?

It is worth remembering that everyone can have even several bank accounts – in this respect there are no limits. You will find that there are no limits on the number of accounts you can have, so there is nothing stopping you from opening another personal account, especially if you are offered a great deal.

Remember that the best bank accounts should meet several important criteria. These include:

  • no account fees – possibly avoidable by meeting simple conditions,
  • Low payment card fees or the possibility of reducing them by meeting specific conditions,
  • free transfers – all or at least some of them (according to the established limit),
  • access to electronic banking system,
  • a possibility of using a well-interest bearing savings account or other bank products on preferential terms.

According to the ranking of personal accounts, it is worth paying attention to offers prepared by, among others:

  • BNP Paribas – PLN 0 for account maintenance and free withdrawals from their own ATMs,
  • ING Bank Śląski – no account maintenance fees, possibility to get a bonus up to PLN 160 after fulfilling simple conditions
  • mBank – no fees for account maintenance and ATM withdrawals, possibility to get a bonus up to PLN 300 after fulfilling simple conditions
  • Citi Handlowy – no account fees, possibility to get a bonus up to PLN 200 after fulfilling simple conditions.

It is worth spending at least a few minutes comparing available bank offers. This will allow you to choose a personal account that best fits your needs and expectations. If you analyze the bank offers, you have a chance not only to save a lot, but also to gain.

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